image of vintage map of mongoliaWhat can Mongolian hospitality, the post office in Antarctica, and a Belgian pommes frites chef teach you about growing your business?

Well, you could take the long way around to the answer by dusting off your passport, selling everything you own, and wandering the world for the next two years.

But, to save you the awkward family questions we got from doing that very thing (You want to do what?!), I’ve boiled it down for you into a quick, 3-part series of lessons from around the globe.

Lace up your walking shoes, strap your camera around your neck, and open your guidebook. The tour starts now …

1. Welcome your customers

The tradition of “guest rights” in Mongolia dates back from the time of Genghis Khan, and it doesn’t matter if you are a family member or a complete stranger.

When you arrive at a ger (yurt), the matriarch will offer you a seat along with a steaming hot bowl of salty milk tea and a plate of dried cheese curds. The eldest man of the family will offer male visitors a bit of snuff from a bottle he keeps nestled in the inside pocket of his traditional deel robe.

If it is summertime and you look like the least bit of fun, you might even be offered some airag, or fermented mare’s milk laced with vodka, to while away the evening….Continue Reading

Source: Copyblogger